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We’re OneNineFour Studio, an agency who offer creative solutions for nice people and companies.

We help people out with their -

Art direction / Branding / Curation / Events and launches / Exhibition design / Graphic design / Illustration / Interiors / Photography / Social networking / Viral marketing / Websites

Plus anything else that we find fun, interesting and creative which will generally help make the world a more attractive, functional and pleasant place.


BALTIC 39, 39 High Bridge,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1EW, UK

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Gateshead Council - One

Gateshead Council commissioned OneNineFour and our friend, colleague and Shed-mate Liam Murray to design and install a series of large-scale, text-based illustrations on building fronts around the High Street area of Gateshead town centre. The pleasure was all ours.

Not so pleasant however, was working during rain, sleet and snow during the coldest winter since records began! We endured and we lived to tell the tale.

Each and every word illustrated was selected for its positivity and relevance to its location. To date we've done seven sites with more to come. Shown here are:

  • UP - directed attention to the beautiful building above street-level
  • WISH - situated on the site of an arcade
  • MINT - on a former sweet shop
  • TASTY - on a cafe front

The results were stunning, and went onto inspire the Studio's first solo exhibition.