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Hello there, welcome to!

We’re OneNineFour Studio, an agency who offer creative solutions for nice people and companies.

We help people out with their -

Art direction / Branding / Curation / Events and launches / Exhibition design / Graphic design / Illustration / Interiors / Photography / Social networking / Viral marketing / Websites

Plus anything else that we find fun, interesting and creative which will generally help make the world a more attractive, functional and pleasant place.


BALTIC 39, 39 High Bridge,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1EW, UK

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+44 (0) 790 041 1 792

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I don't mean to be nasty...

We heart Gateshead.

In the 18 months OneNineFour Studio has been on planet Earth, we've seen some incredible sights and met some amazing people in our neighbourhood.

When installing the One project, a local passed by and tapped us on the shoulder to utter the immortal line:

"I don't mean to be nasty, but I love colours me"

We reassured her she wasn't being nasty in the slightest, she was being ace and that it made us happy she liked the work.

This encounter inspired the title of the studio's first solo exhibition which celebrated the One project. Guests were welcomed to the show with the mural to the right, which is now a permanent fixture in our building, The Shed.